Dustpan & Brush - Blue-100% recycled material

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Our high performance environmentally friendly dustpan & brush with soft durable brush fibres is perfect to clean dust and dirt from floors and other surfaces around the home. Excellent on hard floors, the brush has feathered fibre ends to gather dust and, with the soft rubber lip on the dustpan, this handy helper makes sure all dirt and dust is swept up in a flash.  Now made from 100% recycled plastic!

  • 100% recycled plastic Eco-Flek finish

  • Ergonomically designed handle for easy grip

  • Soft rubber front to catch all dirt
  • Feathered fibre ends for better, more effective cleaning
  • Integrated cleaning teeth on the side of the pan to clean bristles
  • Hanging hole and clip together pan and brush for easy storage

Rinse clean with water to extend life of the dustpan & brush