About Us

Direct Deliver has been born out of the desire to help others and get food delivered to our most vulnerable loved ones. The Coronavirus has created a challenge for many people in getting hold of food products and basic essentials.

Our founder experienced in the early weeks of Covid-19, queuing on a large grocery retailer online platform and being held as number 19,403 with a wait time in excess of 3 hours. He decided to do something about this and help others in a similar situation.

At Fatherson we have decided to keep it simple; focusing on offering a select range of our award winning cakes and other food and non-perishable essentials. These can be easily delivered to your door will ensuring they are affordable and good quality.

Having many years of experience within the food industry across BRC and SALSA approved manufacturers, you can be reassured we have the right health & safety in place following government guidelines to protect you and our teams from Covid-19.

As we expand in the coming weeks we hope to offer more products as we source them and help everyone through this very worrying time. Look out for our pop up shops we are working on at the moment across the UK where we have family and friends that are struggling in these uncertain times.

Be safe and take care of your loved ones.

Head of the Direct Deliver team.