Mountain Deluxe Ground Coffee 250g

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Mountain Deluxe Ground Coffee 250g:

A wonderful mix of 50% Kenyan and 50% Colombian ground coffee beans.

Sipping this indulgent Kenyan & Colombian coffee is like biting into a rich, gooey chocolate caramel, flooding your tongue with flavours of deep cocoa and roasted brown sugar. Then the taste profile expands, releasing subtle malt undertones, floral high notes and a fresh burst of blackcurrant and red apple.

Ideal for & Brewing Tips: 

  • Cafetière Coffee for Cafetière & Filter machines
  • Cafetière Brew Guide
  • 1 tablespoon (15g) of coffee per mug (250ml)
  • Pour freshly boiled water
  • Stir, brew 4-5 mins, plunge

Serving Suggestions: Drink black or with milk.  Enjoy with a slice of Fatherson loaf cake at any time of day.